“So what I endeavor to do here, on the fifth anniversary of his death and in an embarrassingly poor affectation of his writing voice, is recommend him to you if you don’t know him already, and share in the collective grief the day requires if you do. I have no standing to write about him, I have only my sorrowful wish, this year more than any other since his death, that he was still alive.”


Your Company Writes Stories Every Day

“Westinghouse Digital owed us something and, technically, Target owed us nothing. Westinghouse made it difficult to find a solution. Target found a solution in less than three minutes on the phone. The person on the phone representing Westinghouse had zero authority to make us happy. Larry at Target had all the authority he needed to make us happy.”

The Snow and The Grass

“Such was my love of Sandburg that my best friend in college bought me his complete works for my birthday, for which he paid a hefty sum for a poor college student. He inscribed the book with a demand that I pay him back with my first born child.”